Immigration Fee Structure

VAT is chargeable (generally persons with lawful residence) this is charged at 20%

Our fee range (exc. VAT)
*depending on complexity and seniority of lawyer
One Off Consultation or Application Check £150 – £300
(Naturalisation or Registration)
£1,050 – £3,000
EEA applications
(e.g. Registration Certificate, Permanent Residence or Family Members)
In light of the current changes to rights of EU nationals – please enquire
Partner or parent applications (LTR[i])
(in-country or from abroad)
£ 1,200 – £4,800
ILR[iii] applications
(e.g. on basis of Long Residence, family relationships, or other routes – in-country only)
Tier 1: £2,000 – £8,000
Tier 2: £1,200 – £4,800
Tier 4: £900 – £2,400
Family Member Immigration Appeal – FTT[v] £3,000 – £6,000
Deportation Initial stage including representations and evidence gathering: £1,600 – £4,000
FTT deportation appeal: £4,000 – £10,000
Judicial Reviews We have significant expertise and experience in litigating judicial reviews – please get in touch for a flexible and reasonable quote
Asylum Applications and Appeals Free legal aid may be available – contact us for advice
For privately paying clients, we can offer flexible and manageable terms – please get in touch for a free conversation

[i] “LTR” – Limited Leave to Remain – i.e. not an application for permanent status

[ii] “IHS” – Immigration Health Surcharge – this is an additional fee levied by the Home Office to pay for the NHS and currently charged at £400 per person per year

[iii] “ILR” – Indefinite Leave to Remain

[iv] Points Based System applications: e.g. Tier 1 – including Entrepreneur, Investor; Tier 2 – including General Migrant (sponsored employment); Tier 4 – students

[v] “FTT” – First Tier Tribunal – this is the first instance court for Immigration appeals; separate fees would apply for any Upper Tribunal hearings that may follow

Charges for the work are normally be calculated by specific reference to the time spent by the solicitor and other lawyers on the file. The chargeable rate of the senior solicitor is £200 per hour and the chargeable rate for assistant solicitor working on the matter £150. However, we are prepared to agree a fixed fee in immigration and conveyancing matters. There is no VAT payable where the application is made abroad.

Details of our services including terms and conditions are set out in our client care letters sent to clients which also provide information of the person dealing with the matter as well as the firm’s complaints procedure.
Client care letters sent out to clients set out in detail the terms and conditions and the fees payable together with any third party payments such as expert reports.

The fee quoted is limited to submitting the application and does not cover the cost of an administrative appeal in the event that the application is refused. We would let you know at that stage what our fees would be in the event that the application is refused. It is our policy to ask for funds on account of costs and the payment becomes due as soon as we lodge any application your behalf.

Legal fees – sale or purchase – Freehold properties

  • Property Value: £0 – £150,000: From £700 + VAT
  • Property Value: £150,001 – £250,000: From £750 + VAT
  • Property Value: £250,001 – £350,000: From £850 + VAT
  • Property Value: £350,001 £500,000: From £950 + VAT
  • Property Value: £500,001 – £750,000: From £1,200 + VAT
  • Property Value: £750,001 – £1,000,000: From £1,500 + VAT
  • Property Value: Over 1 million pounds – Contact Us

Legal fees – sale or purchase – Leasehold properties

  • A Leasehold surcharge of £150 + VAT is payable for all leasehold transactions. This is due to the additional conveyancing work required in dealing with the Lease and correspondence with the Landlord and Management company (if applicable).

Additional Items

  • Electronic Funds Transfer fee (per transfer, including to mortgage company): £30 + VAT
  • Electronic Identification Verification fee: £5.95 inc. VAT
  • New Build Property or Shared Ownership Scheme surcharge: £75 + VAT (n.b. only one surcharge will ever be applicable so if you are buying a new build, leasehold property through a shared ownership scheme only one surcharge will apply).
  • Help to Buy or Lifetime ISA surcharge: £50 + VAT


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as the Land Registry. We manage the payment of these fees to make the conveyancing process run more smoothly. We will provide you with a bespoke quote outlining our full residential conveyancing prices and the particular disbursements relevant to your matter.

Disbursements – Sale transactions

  • Energy Performance Certificate (if required): £100 + VAT
  • Land Registry Official Copy Register Entries: £6 – £24
  • Allowance for Management Company charges: £200 apx. (n.b. the precise amount varies from property to property and we will be able to advise you of the exact amount once we have had sight of your documentation).

Disbursements – Purchase transactions

  • Recommended Property Searches £250 (inc. VAT) * if you are taking out a mortgage the lender will require you to have a Local Search which is part of this pack.
  • Land Registry Search (Bankruptcy): £2 per person
  • Land Registry Search (to protect the title): £3
  • Land Registry fee: £40 – £540 (depending on the value of the property), please see the Land Registry website for further information
  • Allowance for Lease Registration fee: £60 (this varies from property to property and we will be able to advise you of the exact amount once we have had sight of your documentation).
  • Stamp Duty Land Transaction Tax – Please see HMRC website for further information or the Welsh Revenue Authority if the property you are purchasing is located in Wales.

You should also be aware that Ground Rent and Service Charge are likely to be payable throughout your ownership of the property. Once we have had sight of the Lease for your proposed purchase we will be able to advise you of these.

Factors that could affect our residential conveyancing prices

  • If the legal title is defective or part of the property is unregistered
  • If building regulations or planning permission have not been obtained
  • If the property is shared equity
  • If we are required to deal with multiple lenders
  • If it is a purchase on behalf of a company – please see our commercial conveyancing information